Betsy Barnes

When Katie Gaffney was studying acupuncture in Santa Monica at Emperor’s College I was lucky enough to be paired with her as my intern. I saw Katie every week for about five months. She helped me for many conditions: dizziness, blood pressure, arthritis, headaches. In addition to being very competent in her acupuncture skills, Katie’s personal manner is extremely healing. And she’s a listener! She gave me a list of the foods that would agree with me, and ever since that day, I have stopped having stomach aches and diarrhea. She succeeded in getting me to exercise as well. I was a much healthier and happier person by the time Katie had completed her training. I would say of Katie Gaffney that she is a natural born healer who has acquired lots of knowledge and skills that make her a valuable practitioner. I highly recommend her, and only wish she lived in my part of the world.

Betsy BarnesLos Angeles, CA